FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

During our years of service, we have been asked questions that we would like you to know the answers to. Here are some of the questions:

Do smaller dogs like Maltese, Maltipoos and Multi-Shihs bite when they get older?  Answer: Most of these dogs have a lot more patience than bigger dogs, but they lose their patience over time.  If the tail of an older dog is pulled, it may nip, but rarely do they ever bite a person.

Will the dogs with various colors lose them over time? Answer: No, they shouldn’t lose any of their coloring over time, although they age like a person and may find themselves “whitening” over time.

How often can you shampoo a dog? Answer: Like a human, a dog can be shampoo’ed as often as you like.  Some people shampoo theirs a couple times a week while others do it a couple times a month.  You decide what is the best schedule for you.  We normally use Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo, but any shampoo will do.  Some people prefer pet shampoos.

How to clean a dog, can baby wipes be used? Answer: Your puppy is like an infant, if you can use it on a baby, you can use it on a puppy.


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