Princess Sophie and Prince Oliver

Hi Christina,

We were just getting through our dinner. Sophie has become a good eater. She is a very good night time sleeper and bedtime rituals are kisses for everyone and then tucked in her bed with a kiss from Mumma. She of course has to re adjust and bury her bone before falling to sleep. She has been on her first camping trip to the beach at NC in the motor home. She with her siblings was a big hit at the beach. She did very well on her trip, slept the entire time traveling. Sophie has tried her doggie paddles in the big pool a couple times and does very well. She is too small to get up the stairs but can paddle herself to them safely on her own. She has become very close to her big sister Christy (golden retriever) and her Dada Paul. While packing his things for upcoming deployment she jumped into his bag, photo enclosed. She is still in the potty training stage and learning every day what is a toy and my foot or hand. She has to be reminded a lot to not bite while playing. We found a baby tooth today. One less to bite with or probably not, might have her big girls tooth replacing it. She has the neighbors in awe over her cuteness and her development has been so much fun to watch. Your babies have grown to breed and give birth to such adorable puppies and we are so blessed and happy to have Sophie in our lives. Since the first day you let us meet her at only a week old we have been 24 hours a day lovingly and joyfully caring for her. She brings so much excitement to our home and the neighborhood. For that fact she has had many people stop while we are out somewhere to just melt at her sweetness.

I was telling a little boy that the Maltese was bred for a lap dog, companion, just a puppy to be sweet and playful. The little boy told me while petting her, she has all of that already figured out, and she is just too cute. Her little pink checkered harness dress with pearl necklace makes her look even more precious. I think with her personality a leather jacket would fit her more at times!

She went through all her puppy shots and check ups without any problems. She is a healthy 5 lb. little one now at the age of 51/2 months. She is quite the little runner, and explorer when outside. We just love her so much; she is just perfect in every way. Thank you for accepting us to adopt her and we will love and care for her always. If you ever want to see her, let me know.

The Evans’ Family


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