Princess Sophie and Prince Oliver

Hi Christina,

We were just getting through our dinner. Sophie has become a good eater. She is a very good night time sleeper and bedtime rituals are kisses for everyone and then tucked in her bed with a kiss from Mumma. She of course has to re adjust and bury her bone before falling to sleep. She has been on her first camping trip to the beach at NC in the motor home. She with her siblings was a big hit at the beach. She did very well on her trip, slept the entire time traveling. Sophie has tried her doggie paddles in the big pool a couple times and does very well. She is too small to get up the stairs but can paddle herself to them safely on her own. She has become very close to her big sister Christy (golden retriever) and her Dada Paul. While packing his things for upcoming deployment she jumped into his bag, photo enclosed. She is still in the potty training stage and learning every day what is a toy and my foot or hand. She has to be reminded a lot to not bite while playing. We found a baby tooth today. One less to bite with or probably not, might have her big girls tooth replacing it. She has the neighbors in awe over her cuteness and her development has been so much fun to watch. Your babies have grown to breed and give birth to such adorable puppies and we are so blessed and happy to have Sophie in our lives. Since the first day you let us meet her at only a week old we have been 24 hours a day lovingly and joyfully caring for her. She brings so much excitement to our home and the neighborhood. For that fact she has had many people stop while we are out somewhere to just melt at her sweetness.

I was telling a little boy that the Maltese was bred for a lap dog, companion, just a puppy to be sweet and playful. The little boy told me while petting her, she has all of that already figured out, and she is just too cute. Her little pink checkered harness dress with pearl necklace makes her look even more precious. I think with her personality a leather jacket would fit her more at times!

She went through all her puppy shots and check ups without any problems. She is a healthy 5 lb. little one now at the age of 51/2 months. She is quite the little runner, and explorer when outside. We just love her so much; she is just perfect in every way. Thank you for accepting us to adopt her and we will love and care for her always. If you ever want to see her, let me know.

The Evans’ Family


Puppy Parent Comments

A loving home for each of our precious pups!

We Love to Hear From Our Puppies New Families!



Christina sold us Zoe about 2 weeks ago. Zoe is a Maltese female about 12 weeks old. My husband and I live in New Hampshire and we were very sceptic about dealing with an “online” breeder. Christina was very forthright over the phone and with every question we posed to her about the breed, payment, shipment and care of the Maltese. What was most impressive about Christina as a breeder was her sincere concern for the puppy and its care.Christina even called us after we received Zoe off the plane to find out how Zoe was doing and offered to help us with any questions. We would highly recommend and Christina to anyone who is looking for a Maltese, we did and we have no regrets. Zoe is truly amazing and a joy we love her! Thank you Christina. The Johnson Family


Just wanted to let you know they both had great check ups Friday at the vet and are both 4lbs each.  Also he could not find the hernia on the female.  We are loving them so much and our daughter named them Dazie and Buster.  Thanks



  Puppy Love

Christina saved our puppy’s life. We just bred our Maltese. The delivery was a C- Section, the mother’s milk didn’t come in, and the mother didn’t want to have anything to do with the new baby. After a frantic night of bottle feeding this tiny treasure every two hours, we called Christina. She told us to bring the puppy right over. She offered to try and see if one of her females would adopt our little one. Two hours later, we got the news that the mother had taken our puppy in. The puppy is now a healthy 8 wks old, and ready to come home. Christina has given us regular updates, allowed our family members to stop in for bonding time, and literally been a life saver. She is a loving and caring person, and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of puppy care, and is totally honest and professional in the business aspects of buying a puppy. We also have a 7 month old puppy from Christina, and he has been a joy. My husband and I highly recommend Christina and Puppy kisses.





What a wonderful breeder Christina is. My daughter and I purchased our female Ayasha(Little 1) from Christina 2 years ago. It was very evident to see that she was well cared for & we could not be happier! She has captured the heart of everyone that meets her. During the past 2 years, I have called Christina on many occasions with question about raising my little girl. She has been such a big help to me and always eager to help in any way she can. Recently I breed my little girl. With Christina’s help, Delivery was a piece of cake. We are a proud family of three new babies‘. I could not have done it without her advice. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone. People are so dishonest today. However, there is no need to worry about Christina, she goes far above & beyond than most & we feel truly blessed to have found her. THANKS AGAIN Christina! 


Hi Christina,

Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the wonderful ball of joy that you have given us. He is already becoming a major part of the family and is doing really well in his new home.

Thank you very much,

Brian and Family



Hi Chris,

Eva is doing great! We all love her so much. She fit right in with the family with no problem. My daughter loves her so much. Eva hasn’t whined as much as I thought she would. She’s had many “accidents” on the floor, but, she has also went a couple of times on her pad. I know now when to put her on her pad and let her take the time and go. She’s very pretty and very sweet. I bought something for her tear stains which works well. It’s called “Tear Clear.” She is so playful. She has been trying to run and jump on the couch. (I won’t let her up there, yet, because I don’t want her to fall off.) But, overall everything is great. Having a puppy is just like having a newborn baby except she is way more active. She loves to cuddle and so do I… so we were a perfect match. Thank you so much again!


Hi Christina!

You probably don’t remember me but I purchased a female maltese from you in December 2005. I just wanted to tell you that “Bella” is just the light of my life. She has the most wonderful personality! She is full of curiosity, energy, and is the happiest dog I have ever seen. She is not afraid of anything. My other 2 dogs, Tiki, the shih tzu, and Zak, the maltese have really come to love her. They all get along so well playing and resting together. I worried about Zak at first since he was such a mamma’s boy and was quite jealous. However, after she got a little bigger and he realized she was going to stay, they have become the best of friends. You raise beautiful puppies and as soon as she is ready to breed I will call you to see what I need to do.

Thank you for our “Bella.” We love her dearly as does everyone who gets to meet her!



Hi Christina,
We wanted to let you know that our “baby” that we purchased from you last week (monday) is doing well and has already taken over the household.
We have decided to name him Nicholas and call him Nicky for short.
Thanks for being so helpful and I am sure we will have a reason to contact you soon. If only to let you know how Nicholas is doing.
Thanks again,
Jeff and Donna



This Pic is the day we got Tommy from the Airport. These are my Boys, William in the red shirt and Andrew in the green.. We are having such a great time with Tommy. He is growing up so fast. What a wonderful gift to have…. Thank you Chris for my boy!! LoL Patricia


Hi Christina,I wanted to send over a picture and a recommendation for your website. Isabelle is doing fantastic and we love her very much. Please stay in touch with us!My husband and I met “Isabelle” at Christina’s and immediately knew she was our baby. It was easy to fall in love with the photos on the website, but when the puppies were even more adorable in person, we were sold. From the beginning, Christina has been responsive and helpful with questions. My husband and I were very impressed with her knowledge about products to buy and suggestions on how to begin raising our first inside dog. Isabelle has been a wonderful addition to our family and we highly recommend Christina as a breeder. Should we ever decide to add to our family, she would be our first call.Heather


~~ Happy New Parents ~~


 New Parents : Heather of Zuni, Virginia



 New Parents: John & Diana of Virginia Beach, Va



New Parents: Christine & Family Windor, Va



New Parents: Diane of Chesapeake, Virginia


New Mom: Alexis of Virginia Beach, Va



New Mom: Maxine From Tennessee



New Parents: Desirai of Virginia Beach, Va



Hi Christina,
I just wanted to let you know that a week or so has gone by since we adopted our little maltese male from you that we named Piper, and I have to say we couldn’t be more in love. He definitely was the perfect puppy for our family. My son just loves to play with him and Piper is so sweet and playful. He is definitely very lively and spirited, yet very content to let me hold him and cuddle him as a lap dog as well. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.
He is also doing fabulous at paper training. He won’t go potty when he’s in his playpen and even during the day when he is playing he’ll go off to potty on his papers without us having to take him there now. So I am very impressed as I had heard Maltese can be hard to train… this certainly isn’t the case with Piper as he has picked it up quickly.
Here are a few pictures we had taken of him. Again, I can’t tell you enough how happy we are to have him as a part of our family. Thank you so much for letting us adopt one of your little babies!



Thank you so much for letting us adopt our little Bella “Melody”. She is just perfect!
My family LOVES her & my husband (not an animal lover) thinks that she is wonderful & doesn’t mind her at all, and is extremely happy with her.
It was so much fun taking my 2 daughters & having a “girl” day out, looking for girly girl things for her. Did I mention that I bought A TON!
Melody has not even had 1 accident in our home. She is very smart & knows exactly what to do. She fits right in.
I really feel that this was the right time & I’m so glad that we didn’t wait like we had planned. Our little Melody is truly a joy! We love her so much.
I have attached a couple of pictures of her & will send you one of our family with her, when I get a chance.
But, I also attached one of my 3 children. I know that it is sometimes not a good idea to let a family have such a tiny puppy that has children, but I want you to know that my children are very gentle with her. They have been use to my grandmother’s & my mom’s small dogs & always been supervised with them. : )

Again, thank you for our little girl.

God bless,
Rachel, Doug,
Madelynn, Morgan, Chandler
& Melody Lynch


We are the proud owners of one of you beautiful puppies!
We got her on Christmas Eve this past year (07). She is now almost 8 months old & spoiled!
She is the most beautiful little thing ever. Here is a picture of her on Christmas Day & a more recent one as well.
Everyone always stops us to ask if she is “real”.
Thank you for letting us get our little “Melody”.

Thank you,
Rachel Lynch

Please let me know if you got this email!!!

Melody is love so much!




Hello Christina
I purchased a puppy from you on March 1st. I am happy to report that JJ is doing fine. We completed our puppy shots today. Acredale is such a great place. JJ weighs 5llbs4oz. You were right he is busy and needs alot of attention. Thanks again.
Hey Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that Pippen is doing just great! He acts like he’s home. Everyone is IN LOVE with his sweet little face and LuLu is actually “mothering”. Lol Thanks so much for all your help and I will be in touch.
Take Care,


Hi Christina,

Here are some pictures. Sorry these are the first I’ve sent you. I’ve
changed her name from Ashley to Labella because I liked the name Bella so
much. She is truly beautiful and the light of our lives.
She loves her big brother and they play day and night.

I can’t thank you enough for her, she’s absolutely wonderful.

Thanks Again and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New





This is Jack and Lynn Witzenfeld and we got Rascal from you in January 2006 when he was just 10 weeks old. Well, here he is today and doing just great. Anyway, he is a joy and Lynn wanted me to send you a picture of her cute little Maltese. If you will remember, before we picked him up we had to bring our Granddaughter Isabella over to meet him as she was afraid of dogs. Well, now they are good friends and he absolutely adores her and she him. Sorry for the prolonged note, just wanted to send you a picture so you can see Rascal.

Jack and Lynn


Just wanted to give you a quick update on Bailey. He is WONDERFUL! Everywhere we go people ask me what kind of dog he is, they love him. I have given your name out about 10 times. He went for a check-up and he is doing great. He is on his second day of no accidents in the house! Nick is doing great with allergies, but at this point I might have to sell him and keep the puppy! haha 🙂 Thank you so much for your patience and kindness, we adore him. His brothers and sisters look adorable.
Thanks again,


Dear Mom –
Happy Mothers Day.
I like my new home and Bob and Connie treat me very well. I have lots of toys and get lots of attention. Sometimes Bob calls me the Poopmeister because I still poop in the house, but most of the time he calls me Garfunkel. I am starting obedience school on Wednesday and will go to the doctor again on Friday. I still gnaw on everything (including Bob and Connie) but maybe obedience school will change me. Bob takes me on a one-mile walk every morning, rain or shine. On cold mornings, he puts me inside his sweatshirt where it is warm. I spend most of the days with Connie who sometimes takes me to the store and sometimes to see Bob at the office.
I have a good life and hope you are doing well. Happy Mothers Day.
Garfunkel Merle Moore

Robert M. Moore, Jr. CPA



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

During our years of service, we have been asked questions that we would like you to know the answers to. Here are some of the questions:

Do smaller dogs like Maltese, Maltipoos and Multi-Shihs bite when they get older?  Answer: Most of these dogs have a lot more patience than bigger dogs, but they lose their patience over time.  If the tail of an older dog is pulled, it may nip, but rarely do they ever bite a person.

Will the dogs with various colors lose them over time? Answer: No, they shouldn’t lose any of their coloring over time, although they age like a person and may find themselves “whitening” over time.

How often can you shampoo a dog? Answer: Like a human, a dog can be shampoo’ed as often as you like.  Some people shampoo theirs a couple times a week while others do it a couple times a month.  You decide what is the best schedule for you.  We normally use Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo, but any shampoo will do.  Some people prefer pet shampoos.

How to clean a dog, can baby wipes be used? Answer: Your puppy is like an infant, if you can use it on a baby, you can use it on a puppy.